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"Remember, You Live in Paradise"

Mt. Princeton, CO

Yesterday I met a friendly retired man from Missouri who spends his summers in Chaffee County. We talked about the tornados in Missouri, the cost of living in different parts of America and the economy. This dreadful economy! I pointed out I've heard some locals say living in Buena Vista, Colorado is equivalent to having "poverty with a view." Many people scrape by who live here, and surely this valley is not a place for most people who are seeking to get rich. Anyway, we had an enjoyable talk and shook his hand, and as I began to leave, he said: "Remember, you live in paradise." Those words stuck with me. True, so true.

Today's photo was taken near the county rodeo grounds. The skies are generally clear, but large clouds are coming in and out as well. Kind of unique.

-Steve (May 12, 2009)

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