Mt. Princeton
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Near The Ruby Mountain Campground

Mt. Princeton, Colorado

I am looking outside my window on this Sunday morning and it is extremely dreary and cloudy; I doubt I will come up with a good Mt. Princeton photo. In view of this, I thought I'd display another photo taken yesterday from my hike of Ruby Mountain east of Nathrop. It is the view of Mt. Princeton taken very close to the parking lot area to the trailhead into Browns Canyon, not far from the Ruby Mountain Campground area.

I spent a lot of time creating useless pages and revising older pages yesterday. I once attended a Colorado Springs Bible study that had a lot of drama in it, and I recently wasted some time at a Poncha Springs playground. Oh ... and check out Patrick's cactus collection too! ;)

Have a wonderful day, my friends!

-Steve (October 28, 2007)

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