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Phil Ladden's Photo of Mt. Princeton

Mt. Princeton, CO

Yesterday my friend Phil Ladden, who is visiting from Phoenix, Arizona, tweeted the photo above on his Twitter page. He simple wrote: "Hey @stevegarufi My Mt Princeton photo 2day! #Colorado

Who is this man named Phil? I originally met Phil in Colorado Springs in 2001, when he took interest in my web site when it was in its infancy stage. Over the years, Phil worked selling cruises for a large cruising company and owned a restaurant in Florence, CO before moving to Phoenix where he is obtaining his masters degree and working full-time.

So there you have it! A little plug for my friend. I have numerous pages about Phil on my web sites:
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Cottonwood Pass

Lastly, Phil has a blog and twitter page: and Check 'em out! :)

-Steve (July 23, 2009) on Facebook

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